Do you feel that you have too much 'stuff'? Or that your life and things are too chaotic? Then you are suffering from clutter. Clutter is bad for you.

One of the most obvious ways in which clutter is bad for you is that it physically occupies a lot of space. No matter what size of house or apartment you live in, your real actual living space is taken up by lots of possessions. You probably bought these over a long period of time and in some cases have been keeping them for sentimental reasons or just because they might come in useful one day. But all the time that you are keeping them, they are taking up your space. Think about how nice your home would be if a lot of the space taken up by your things could be freed up.

The other way that clutter affects you is psychologically. Clutter is history - its bits of your past trailing behind you, slowing you down and making it harder to re-organise your life for today's challenges and opportunities. If you can deal with your clutter you will be a freer, more creative, more decisive person with more get-up-and-go.