Home Staging Services

Home staging involves preparing your home to look its best, for rental or sale. Usually there is an element of decluttering involved in staging, but there is then an important second stage of arranging the rooms, and sometimes adding some feature items, to make the house look as good as possible ahead of photographs or visits from prospective buyers.

To sell quickly and achieve the best selling price your home needs to stand out from the crowd. I can help you to add a "wow factor" to your property in order to maximise selling price and achieve a faster sale.

We all know that first impressions count, and you only get one chance to make the best impression when a prospective buyer or tenant views your home. As every estate agent knows, houses which are staged can typically achieve higher selling prices, and generate much greater interest from the public than cluttered unprepared homes. This is why it makes sense to spend a small amount of money getting the property's appearance right as early as possible in the selling/renting process.

Home Staging property is particularly important in a weak market when buyers feel that they can haggle to reduce the asking price. You know how nice your house can look, but often would be buyers fail to realise the potential if the home is not looking its absolute best.

What do I do to stage your home? I begin by doing a walk in inspection, as if I were a possible buyer coming to your house for the first time. If small jobs are identified - e.g. painting, garden maintenance, repairs -   I can arrange quotations for these. There is often an element of decluttering and internal room arranging which I can also arrange to do for you.

The most important areas of a house for achieving a sale are the frontage, the kitchen and the bathroom, and often it is worth concentrating our efforts in those areas.

If you would like to know more then please call me, Karen, on 01477 270828.

Home Staging in Cheshire

I offer home staging services in Cheshire and all surrounding counties.